UXMachines Pty Ltd. has been founded in 2019 by leading international experts in multimedia and media technology development with the goal to create a cost-efficient cloud-based solution to provide interactive data visualisations in the cloud. Since then, and due to the demand for other services during the COVID’19 pandemic we expanded our range of services. UXMachines Pty Ltd. is based in Perth, 100% Australian owned, and its products and services are Australian made.

We focus on the innovative use of emerging multimedia and media technologies as specialized solutions in aviation, health care, finance, mining, agriculture, education, travel, entertainment, and supports start-ups in the creation of rapid IT prototypes. We have the expertise to consult and develop solutions using latest multimedia technologies ranging from data visualizations, mobile apps, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D, image processing, computer graphics, video streaming, web development, teleconsulting, and customer friendly user-interfaces. Making data more valuable and gaining more insights into data through data visualizations through simple dashboards or the use of 3D supports business decision making and departments of an organisation.

Raw data is stored in myriads of databases without having appropriate solutions to make this data human understandable. We focus on making data alive and creating user-centred solutions to visualize this data. From simple dashboards to complex visualizations in VR, AR, or mixed reality – we create your dream data visualization. We also create solutions for data storytelling, and more complex and artistic visualizations for your exhibition booths, outdoor displays, or product presentations.

UXMachines Pty Ltd. tailors and customizes unique and innovative multimedia solutions and technologies to support businesses. We see multimedia solution development as a matter of understanding the customers’ journey, technology development, and understanding organisational processes. Improving and understanding the user experience and the customers’ journey while engaging and interacting with multimedia improves customer loyalty. We know that the client needs to be in the core of any consideration. We provide solutions to support you in the creation of UX designs, consumer journeys, and product experiences. We help you in transforming your customer’s experiences fitting to customer’s needs. We have the experience to conduct user-testing, rapid prototypes, and knowledge in latest digital media technology to create “machines” making your consumer’s life easier.

We help and support clients to increase efficiency and build capacity to integrate AI and data analytics of multimedia solutions into organisations and transform ways of working in the digital world. We create ‘machines’ in combination with latest AI and cloud empowered software. We provide cost friendly solutions to move businesses online and into the virtual world to increase revenue and client base. Rapid IT product prototyping and proof-of-concept development enables start-ups and small companies to showcase their solutions to investors and venture capitalists at a fraction of costs than a fully functional product.

As a small company we can provide a more personal experience and custom-tailored solutions for our clients, especially for start-ups and small & medium sized companies. We are looking forward to work with you on exciting projects. We are also sure, that we will be able to provide a cost-efficient solution, which is fitting your needs.



Currently we are in a collaborative project with a large scale Western Australian based research institute how to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) in a medical application context including its adoption in a clinical environment; with several SMEs and start-up companies on their IT prototypes and proof-of concept implementations; and are in discussions around projects in the aviation and entertainment sector. Past clients include Curtin University, Perth, Australia in form of a partnership enabling students work integrated learning.

The founding team has extensive experience as part of former start-ups and industry collaboration projects. They worked on a very wide range of industrial partners on small to mid-size projects in the multimedia and media technology sector.