Like many other innovative startups we got founded in a bar – in West Perth, Western Australia. We understood the need for innovative products, but the final spark for our ‘UX Machines Software Platform’ came during a more ‘social meeting’. We also understood the industry need for interactive media, and developing tools to support to understand the mess in big data.

We also saw the disconnectedness between hardware and software. Consumers interact with hardware rather than solely mouse and screen. Therefore we set as one of our goals to integrate hardware, software, and media content to create customer experiences. We create ‘machines’ in combination with latest AI and cloud empowered software.

Raw data is stored in myriads of databases without having appropriate solutions to make this data human understandable. We focus on making data alive, and creating user-centred solutions to visualize this data. From simple dashboards to complex visualizations in VR, AR, or mixed reality – we create your dream data visualization. We also create solutions for data storytelling, and more complex and artistic visualizations for your exhibition booths, outdoor displays, or product presentations.

We also know that UX needs to be in the core of any consideration. Therefore we provide solutions to support you in the creation of UX designs, and product experiences. We help you in transforming your customer’s experiences fitting to customer’s needs. We have the experience to conduct user-testing, rapid prototypes, and knowledge in latest digital media technology to create “machines” making your consumer’s life easier.