Corporate Training

We share our knowledge and experience through training. Feel free to ask for a quote and book our world-class training courses.
  • Data Visualisation Introduction
  • Advanced Data Visualisation
  • Programming for Data Visualisation
  • 3D Media Technology
  • UX and Interaction Design
  • Creating UX driven Ideas

User-Experience Solutions

The end-user is in the center of all our considerations. We provide services related to high-tech solutions in the domain of UX.
  • UX design strategy
  • Integration of product management, engineers, and designers
  • User testing, behavioral studies, and audience analytics
  • Prototyping, wire-frames, and UI designs
  • Evidence based customer journeys
  • Iterative collaborative design processes

Interactive Data Visualisations

The strategic role of your business in innovating business intelligence solutions, and data driven empowered services requires third generation solutions in data visualisation. We create solutions for visual data discovery with latest media technology. We create 'machines' that make your data understandable by utilizing latest media technology - in 2D, 3D or augmented reality.
  • Data storytelling solutions
  • Visual data discovery
  • Dashboards
  • Comic contracts
  • Augmented data discovery
  • Web visualisations
  • Solutions in 3D, VR, AR, and MR
  • Cloud based solutions

Solutions for the Educational Sector

Educational institutions are faced with rapid changes in industry. To share our experience in this sector, we provide services for the educational sector to improve their productivity.
  • University-industry co-creation
  • Industry close teaching models
  • Media technology consulting
  • Motivational talks for students
  • Organisation of events
  • Internships and project collaborations
  • Personalisation of student experiences
  • Data visualisation solutions

Consulting, Research, and Prototyping

We assist you in highly technological driven projects and apply latest media technology for:
  • Rapid product prototyping
  • Initial UX designs
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • 3D solutions in VR/AR
  • Data visualisation
  • Media technology

Our ‘UXMachines’ Software Platform

We are currently in the process in developing our in-house cloud based 'UXMachines' software and hardware platform for extended interactive data visaulisations. We will let you know more, when the first demo software is available in 2020. The solution is the result of several years of research and development work by a talented team of software and hardware developers ...

Interactive Media ‘Machines’

We create interactive media experience 'machines'. We believe today's media experiences require more than only cool content. They require software solutions, and a sophisticating selection of hardware to create an rich media experience for the consumer.
  • Interactive media software development
  • Hardware setups and prototypes
  • Rich media content integration
  • Interaction design solutions