Solutions for Image Analysis, Object Detection and Video Streaming

Together with our network of technology partners UXMachines Pty Ltd. is both, service re-seller and system integrator for IT solutions in image analysis, object detection, video streaming, and computer vision. We leverage modern machine learning based solutions, conventional image processing technology with our experience in web, cloud, and mobile platform development. This enables us to accelerate your business through our end-to-end data pipelines – from image acquisition to visualization ...

Rapid Software Prototyping, Technical Feasibility, and Specification Documents

You had a great idea but not the technical knowledge to realize it? Large software companies and teams of programmers are too expensive to develop an initial demo to show to venture capitalists to raise funding or the feasibility of our idea? We provide a cost-efficient solution for rapid software semi-functional prototypes, feasibility studies, and demonstrator development as e.g. mobile apps, web-based services, embedded systems, desktop software, or cloud based solutions. We also design appealing user-interfaces that will catch the attention of your stakeholders ...

Digital Transformation through Data Analytics, ML, AI and Visualisation

Data visualization is the approach in which raw data or information is transformed into image formats such as, graphs and pie charts. It makes the communication of such data easier and much more understandable. In this era, there is a rapid growth of data and numbers and it keeps rising every day. Breaking this data into visuals makes the showcase and representation of the data effective and simple. In other words, raw data and number are transformed into an attractive yet powerful art form ...

Human-AI Teaming, Human Factors and Human-Computer-Interaction

The end-user is in the center of all our considerations. We provide services related to high-tech solutions in the domain of UX. We provide dashboard solutions for measuring human-AI-team performance analysis to increase trust and transparency of autonomous systems. We provide services related to high-tech solutions for UX, such as user-testing, behavioral studies, interaction designs, and customer experience studies ...

Interactive Media, Mobile Apps, AR/VR, and Multimedia Services

UXMachines Pty Ltd creates interactive media solutions utilizing using latest multimedia technologies and systems. We develop mobile phone apps and more complex interactive media solutions with latest Virtual Reality (VR) /  Augmented Reality (AR) technology ...

Corporate Training

We share our knowledge and experience through training. Feel free to ask for a quote and book our world-class training courses.
  • Data Visualisation Introduction
  • Advanced Data Visualisation
  • Programming for Data Visualisation
  • 3D Media Technology
  • UX and Interaction Design
  • Creating UX driven Ideas

‘Online’ your Business

In times of COVID-19, it's important to move your business activities online. To help businesses, we decided to use our long-years experience to help to move your business activities into the cyberspace. We provide a wide range of services to help you during this crisis. We are able to support a wide range of industries, ranging from retail, real-estate, health & wellness, education, private events, among many others ...

Our ‘UXMachines’ Software Platform

We are currently in the process in developing our in-house cloud based 'UXMachines' software and hardware platform for extended interactive data visaulisations. We will let you know more, when the first demo software is available in 2020. The solution is the result of several years of research and development work by a talented team of software and hardware developers ...

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