Teaming Humans with AI Drones in Emergency Situations

AI is becoming part of our daily lives – it’s everywhere – we use ChatGPT to get insights or generate new images that go beyond anyone’s creativity. How can we as humans efficiently work jointly together with AI to make informed decisions?

The DecAI project is exactly looking for a solution of how aerial drones can jointly with human beings to make decisions. While autonomous aerial vehicles collect data through their camera systems or other sensors, the data needs to be interpreted, and made understandable for human beings. Humans should be able to make informed decisions based on this information. Especially in confusing situations as e.g. bushfires, where different emergency workers need to collaborate to help saving lives and endanger property, AI can be helpful tool to make even better decisions to limit damage. AI has the capability to de-confuse those complex situations that humans can make better decisions of what to do.

The project is funded by the Defence Science Center (DSC) Western Australia and a collaboration between UXMachines Pty Ltd and The University of Western Australia.