We are UX Machines

Our story… 

We are a start–up company located in Perth, Western Australia and our mission is to make data and the results of analytical processes more accessible through latest multimedia technology. The company was formed in 2019 and currently boasts a team of skilled personnel across a wide range of technologies; Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D, embedded systems user-interface design and interactive media to just name a few. We have a passion for creating user-centred designs to implement these amazing systems.

Our core expertise is in the development of solutions based on latest multimedia technologies. We have experience across a wide range of technologies – VR/AR/3D, computer vision, embedded systems user-interface design, multimedia streaming, web-solutions, and interactive media.

We also support our clients through consumer experience studies to help them in creating amazing user-centred designs. We design and implement amazing user-interfaces and support our clients through consumer experience studies in their design process.

Our technical consultants are specialists in data visualisation and transforming data into appealing interactive visual experiences through infographics, data stories, dashboards, online maps, 3D or mobile apps. We support projects across industries to create business intelligence tools, visualisations of basic ideas, or the graphical interfaces for analytics tools.

Like our name signifies we desire to use our knowledge of the industry and multimedia to make more user-oriented software empowered “machines”. 

Our services include: 

  • Custom software solutions 
  • Web and mobile applications 
  • Data visualizations, infographics, simulations 
  • User-interface designs 
  • AR/VR/XR/MR solutions development 
  • 3D and computer vision 
  • Multimedia and streaming solutions 
  • User-eXperience (UX) and consumer studies 
  • Consulting, Innovation, and R&D services 
  • Corporate training 

UX Machine’s Proprietor is a specialist in this area of data visualisation technologies, interactive media, media technology, human-computer-interaction, and media technology with a long track record across many projects. His vision is to simplify complex data and turn it into an exciting, stimulating and an interactive media experience. Using the latest evolving multimedia technologies, UX Machines aims to create intriguing user experiences.  

We are committed to creating user centric designs and establishing an appealing multimedia experience. UX machines also assists in diverse range of projects to set up business intelligence tools. We create captivating visual data representations and seek to produce dynamic graphical interfaces for insights into your business analytics.  

We see your problem and we would like to help! 

We know the world of hardware and software can be tricky and sophisticated. But we are committed to breaking down those walls and making data simpler. In a nutshell, we would like to bring your data to life through engaging storytelling visuals and make sure data is never more complex and boring.  

So how can we help make YOUR digital user experience better?