The power of good UI and UX for your business

Moving your business online, creating an app for it or even updating your products design is an effort to modernise and enhance your business. This is every enterprises’ priority but the one thing that makes a company stand out is a unique eye-catching UI and UX. It is claimed that you have 15 seconds to capture a user’s attention. which means you have short opening to get the user interested in your service, app or product. User interface plays the most significant role at this time. It is similar to a blur of a book, the first thing many people look at make their decision to read or buy it.

User interface refers to the aesthetics of your platform or product. It is the visual aspects of the product. The colour scheme, the layout, the fonts etc. These are the first elements a user notices, therefore grabbing their attention at the very start is crucial. A powerful user interface should not only be attractive and unique, but also simple. In addition to grabbing the user’s attention, it forms brand value. A straightforward yet elegant UI improves to custom satisfaction. It should show the customer you care about them and you want to make it an easy and comfortable experience. User interface is that first step to drawing and engaging your target audience.

Simultaneously, the next important element that comes to play is the UX – User experience. It is the useability and functionality of the website – It is where each click and swipe takes the user. A good user experience helps you kept the user interested in your product or service. It intrigues the user to learn more about your business.

How is it good for business?

Drives more user traffic

An effective UI and UX gets customers excited about your product or service. It works like a good advertising strategy. It encourages the customer to make a clear distinction of your business from the million others. It urges customers to talk about the business and spread the word about its services. This gives rise to attracting the attention of more new customers. This eventually aids to the increase in number of people who want to use your product. Overall leading to revenue benefits and the growth of the business.

Customer loyalty

Keeping it simple yet intriguing and giving the user a unique experience contributes to creating a loyal customer. Showing the user, you care about them goes a long way. It is important to create an emotional connection with a user. Visual’s sometimes speak louder than words. It helps builds trust with the brand and business.

Reduce developmental and support costs

An effective and concrete UI and UX reduces the risk of future technical issues. It saves the business for extra internal cost and efforts. In addition to that, having a UX that flows smoothly and efficiently contributes to reduction of customer complaints and issues. Which in turn saves the business the cost of support services.

User centric and friendly UI/UX will be a major contribution to the progress, growth and showcase of your business. It will give your business a unique online presence and boost your number of customers. It is a vital part of your brand identity and existence in the online business domain. Having an easier and fascinating UI/UX will obtain optimum customers satisfaction and promote user interaction with the brand.

When did you last check on your user’s interaction with your website, app or product?