Take A Trip into a Virtual Mall

When restaurants, bars, shopping centres and theatres were shut down because of the virus outbreak and we were stuck at home, we resorted to the internet a lot. This pandemic has indefinitely changed our living habits and style. When the outbreak was first announced, the first wave of panic was seen when people started bulk buying. It is a natural way to respond, to panic. Simultaneously people moved to the online platforms to shop and avoid the crowded supermarkets. A rapid rise in online shopping was also distinct and evident. With expeditious e-commerce growing rapidly even the big retailers can’t keep up with bulk customer demands. Reportedly, the global online shopping giant Amazon cannot keep up with immense customer demand.

At the same time, with demand comes supply. Shopping online for clothes, apparels or home appliance is not everyone’s first choice. Over the years, new advances in technology have worked to bridge that gaps between the virtual and real world. Earlier this year, NexTech’s CEO told VentureBeat that we were entering a fourth ‘transformational wave’ in the immersive tech industry. This wave was the merge of the online shopping environment with AR/VR and 3D conceptions.

This upgrade has not only driven an increase in shop streaming activities but has made user experience more realistic than ever. In this virtual shopping environment users will be able to shop in a social environment–just like the real world. This allows and in fact promotes for more social interaction, making shopping experiences more authentic. Even in isolation, you can still take that shopping trip with your friends in a virtual world. Or imagine testing furniture designs in your new homes using AR tools. Immersive shopping has made shopping online more trustworthy, effortless, and exciting.

What’s the beneficial impact it had on the retail industry?

Apart from revenue benefits, this technological advancement has created new opportunities for marketing and advertising strategies. Shopping parties, pop-up’s and celebrities endorsing brands live and interacting with fans. Picture yourself interacting with a huge fashion icon–getting personal style advice in real virtual time.

It has not only changed the shopping environment but buying behaviour as a whole. It has allowed for the retail industry to engage in a new stimulating way to attract more customers and keep them excited. Marketing strategies are more advanced and appealing.

Equal to the importance of expanding the market and attracting customer, companies find it crucial to record and track sales data to help their business improve. The virtual world permits retailers to access live reporting data — data visualisation at its best. This in turn helps the businesses not only get better, but it Improves the sales targeting, operations, and advertising approaches.

The technological world never fails to keep us awestruck. Immersive technology solely is growing and progressing every day. Simulating more exciting, efficient, and fascinating user experiences.

Have you taken a virtual trip into an immersive mall yet?