TechEd comes to the rescue

Educational technology is a booming industry. It is a powerful tool that has transform education.  School are aided with digital resources that have only made learning and teaching easier. The educational sector has been driven more to make use of these technologies in the classrooms now more than ever. Technology has ingrained Its way into our daily live. For student in it is now integrated into their daily curriculum. The current global pandemic has only made known the importance and value of user-friendly educational technology. 

So how has digital stimulation helped student and teacher? 

It has broken the boundaries of a physical classroom 

Interactive ways of learning allow a more flexible way of learning. Students are broken away from the old traditional ways of learning and are introduced to exciting new methods. Online games like Kahoot and quizlet are real time games that make learning thrilling. It helps student in fact engage with the material. It supports students to engage in and perform critical reflection and judgment.  

These learning tool redesign the classroom and enhances learning. It makes collaboration more efficient which makes interaction more productive. At the same time, it helps them gain digital literary and get comfortable with technology at a young age. 

Learning made easier 

Difficult topics are visualised and simplified for students to get a better understanding of the topics. Making learning fun, and breaking down topic into visuals stimulates more enthusiasm from student. This also increase the teacher – student communication which in turn helps the educator understand the student’s personal needs.  

Visuals help students remember and memorize better than the traditional way of learning. Using different learning tools and games provides students with a variety of ways they can learn a difficult subject. 

Benefits the teachers 

Being a teacher is one of the busiest jobs in the world. Digital learning tools help save their time and efforts.  It gives them the opportunity to get more creative with their teaching techniques. Normally teachers spend a lot of time preparing lesson plans and organising games and activity to simulate learning in a classroom. Digital tools eliminate the planning and the stress educators face. 

Some of the tools such as: 

AR and VR  

It allows the student to gain an immersive experience in to learning. It creates an exciting environment where the student is enthusiastic to discover more about the topic. 

Game – based learning 

It is active way of learning and gives students the opportunity to learn and play. It enhances the teacher student interaction and well as encourages effective collaboration. 

There are many other tools such as interactive whiteboard, Video based learning and even virtual fieldtrips that teacher can implement into their learning curriculum. Personalising and introducing a new subject in an exciting way. 

Data collection 

The most beneficial aspect of EdTech is that it provides teachers with data insights into the students learning. With games and quiz especially, teachers instantly know which student has understood the topic or not. It helps the teacher recognise the students that need more attention than the others. This allows for the teacher to help push for better results and aid to the students’ progress. 

The young minds are the future. These interactive ways of learning could strengthen the capacity to learn and grasp information. Teachers who have access to these tool pave way for the growth and development of the education environment. It contributes to preparing their young minds for an ever-changing world. 

We know educators may not have the time to design these learning tools. which is why, we are here to help create your personalised learning experience!