The future of immersive concerts

The merger of music and interactive media and even with gaming industry has been revelational. It simulates the emotions, feelings, and visual representation of music reality. 

Using virtual, augmented, and interactive media to create virtual concerts are a growing trend. With the COVID 19 crisis many concerts and events were cancelled and left fans disappointed. Although, Immersive technology came to the recuse.

Virtual concerts are platforms created for an artists’ avatar to perform digitally. They replicate real life concerts and give participates the feel beyond a real-life concert in a virtual world. The recent Travis Scott concert on the famous gaming site fortnight, left gamers awestricken. Nearly 12 million players across the world participated in this transcendental experience.  Last year the enormous success of the Marshmallow EDM concert held in the game world left players amazed. The latest concerts are reportedly larger and more surreal. 

Unlike Marshmallows concert which lasted only 10 minutes and was a one-time event – Travis Scott’s was a tour that could be viewed again if missed. Psychedelic effects were fused during the concert to make the whole experience more real, wild and breathtaking. It was a new dimension that allowed fans to participate and interact with each other, submerging themselves into the virtual experience. It delivered a different and extremely unique experience.  

Fortnight’s next Royale premiere live party was held on 8 May 2020. The epic games, fortnight tweeted on that ‘over 350 million people registered for the event’. The event featured huge EDM artists like Dillion Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5. These types of sites are now becoming a profound platform for influential artists. Laying the groundwork and proving that immersive technologies are going to getting more advanced and epic. 


Over the years virtual reality concerns have evolved and grown. More of people’s favourite artists have been able to live stream their virtual dimension concerts. Where the digital and real-world merge to create a surreal user experience. Many VR companies have collaborated with various artists to make these virtual festivals and concerts possible. Many virtual reality companies have partnered with huge recording labels to make these concerts possible.  

Not only do participants get to view these concerts from an audience view but they get access to a backstage view and close view experience of the artist. This technology works to bring the concert and artist to life and make the experience immersive. VR concerts elevate and heighten your bodily sense. It allows for your body and brain to feel and see the digital as the physical world. Therefore, making the concert experience not only the same but in some ways even better than a live concert. 

Recently, Finland’s May day was cancelled due to the COVID 19 crisis. The city partnered with VR company Zoan and hosted a virtual concert. Reportedly, 700,000 viewers tuned into the virtual concert and some even created avatar have a better user experience. Images of the concert, the music and even the pre speech given by the mayor of Helsinki was baffling. Even in a time of crisis immersive technology has only highlighted and marked its positive effect and beneficial impact. 

When people were caught behind the walls of their home because of a global pandemic, immersive and interactive entertainment manage to act as an escape. Interactive media is an ever growing and developing industry. Immersive technology was once only fiction but grew to become reality and is now has expanded. Making the stimulation of hearing, visual and even touch more transcendent. It has changed the music industry and will continue to bring change to various other industries. Immersive technologies are inevitably going to be in our future, and it is possibly going to get bigger, better, and more real.