Good UI and UX makes everything better

Remember when you could only use computers if you knew code?

In the 90’s apple launched the first personalised computer – a system that any user could interact with. And user interface and experience came to existence. The evolution of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) has been an ever-growing field. It has been making accessibility and interaction with various products more exciting and effective.

The one common question that arises is the difference between the two. UI design and UX design is to be found confusing and may seem like they are outlining the same thing. It would be easier to understand these terms by understanding their creators’ responsibilities.

A UI designer is responsible for the product or user interface appearance. They are the graphic designers. They create the UI or user interface which is the surface design and make sure it looks attractive and unique. It is any design that a user interacts with. The visuals, colour scheme, texts, and fonts etc. They use software like QT, which is used to create graphical UI that run on various hardware and software forums.


A UX designer establishes how the UI will function. They work to create the UX or user experience, which is the end result. They decide where each click or scroll takes the user. The user experience is determined by the positive or negative experience the users get from the interaction with the UI. It is the degree of gratification and ease of navigation the user gains from the experience.

They both collaborate together to cater to the users’ needs as well as the business’ needs. Most things we use in our daily lives from websites to actual physical products have a UI and UX. For instance, renowned companies like Audi and Tesla have created user – centric UX dashboards that enhances accessibility and useability. They aim to provide an interaction that is simple yet exciting and positive for their customers. They use UX paradigms to focus on understanding the user’s needs, wants and their behaviour. The interface targets a proper personalization, context, consistency, clarity, reliability and details. Making their designs more user – centric and stimulating.

Even social media apps like Facebook and Instagram create new and up to date personalized UX to increase their user’s satisfaction. The most popular search engine – Google has been using strong and incredible UX for a long time. Making their functionality more simple, exciting, and dynamic. They strongly emphasize the importance of a good UX to increase user/customer engagement and satisfaction.

Everything in our lives is being digitised and is going online now. From e- commerce to businesses, more and more products and services are going online. This therefore means there will be an increase in commercial and trade war. Having a unique user – centric UX will be pivotal to attract your target audience, which will contribute to the success of the business. Enforcing good UX to make the users experience more exciting yet simple draws in more customers. A good UX serves to create good results for a business.