Creating Impact through Human-AI-Teaming Solutions

UXMachines Pty Ltd successfully completed the DStart Ignite program with it’s Human-AI-Teaming solution for unmanned aerial vehicles as part of the winter 2021 cohort. The final pitch of this new technology took place during the showcase event on Tuesday the 22nd July 2021. The program was delivered by the Department of Defence under the Next Generation Technologies Fund in partnership with CSIRO. The program’s goal was to connect SMBs with the defence sector.

AI is already part of our daily lives

In a defence context, drones are used for surveillance missions. They also plaid a major part in Australian’s bush-fire natural disaster management a year ago, where drones, ground operators, and manned aircrafts teamed up to battle the fires. Despite this great benefit they are still unintelligent, and require a large team of operators to do their job: pilots, camera operators, intelligence, and other ground staff. This results in a very poor efficiency dividend, where people focus on flying the drone rather than focusing on the real mission.

Even our own daily life starts to be surrounded with AI driven machines. A well-known example are autonomous cars, where humans in the loop need to take control in emergencies. in the event of emergency when AI can’t make the decision.

We ‘free’ humans from ‘dull jobs’

Humans are required to do dull jobs as examining hours of drone video footage causing fatigue and  unessential cognitive workload. In principle today’s drones lack in autonomous mission execution. The interaction with humans should be on the level of goals, intentions, and missions and ease unessential cognitive load, rather than simply putting waypoints on a map.

Our human-AI teaming dashboard creates impact

Our solution is a human-AI-teaming dashboard which synthesises data. It synthesises drone sensor data output, camera sensors, and mission data and provides and adaptive interface for different operators involved in decision making. The tool allows to formalise mission goals communicated to the machine, which takes  actions and talks to other machines to execute the mission. This chain of delegation creates a force multiplier effect.

Watch our video clip, where we are presenting our solution.

Our solution gives a manpower dividend by releasing operators from dull jobs and reduces their cognitive load. We provide a human friendly data summary delivered as a dashboard. We want to team up humans and AI to work collaboratively on complex tasks, and enable collaborative mission execution between machines. We want to develop a solution  where we can trust in AI on the same level as a soldier.

Our vision: teaming humans with AI empowered machines

Our vision is to merge machines and humans to solve complex tasks through visualisation, AI and data analytics. Our team consists of two people. The vision of UXMachines is to merge machines and humans to solve complex tasks. We cope with digital challenges through visualisation, AI and data analytics.

About CSIRO’s DStart Ignite program

“D.Start Ignite is an innovation and entrepreneurship program that empowers Australian researchers and small to medium enterprises to connect with Defence, identify a real-world application for their science or technology and attract the resources they need to translate it to capability – at pace. Delivered under the Next Generation Technologies Fund, D.Start Ignite is looking for emerging and future technologies with the potential to provide game-changing capabilities for Australia’s defence and national security.”

We highly appreciate the help of our mentors

UXMachines Pty Ltd. very dearly thanks our mentors from CSIRO, the Department of Defense,  Industry, and the Trusted Autonomous Systems Defense Cooperative Research Centre. Without their help we would no have been coming that far. Thanks’a’million for your patience!

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