CASA Authorized UXMachines Pty Ltd as Commercial Drone Operator for Aerial Work

CASA has authorized UXMachines Pty Ltd to conduct commercial drone operations for RPAS aerial work. We are certified under CASA ReOC 7399, ARN 834101 for up to 25kg MTOW drone operations.

End-to-end aerial missions: observations, asset digitalization, inspections, and image processing

UXMachines Pty Ltd provides one stop end-to-end drone solutions – from mission planning, capture, image processing, to IT infrastructure. In collaboration with our partners we are able to provide IT solutions that integrate AI and ML for image analysis and object detection for surveying, aerial observation, inspections, and targeted industrial solutions.

Surveying, mapping, aerial photography, and proactive inspections

We customize solutions to fit to your needs, and our research department has the capability to implement solutions empowered by AI to fit to your specialized needs. Our services extend to:

  • Safe and low-risk surveying and mapping
  • Detailed data capture and mapping
  • Proactive inspection work of assets
  • Digitalization of assets in 2D, 3D, or 360
  • Customized IT and sensor data processing services
  • Mobile apps fitting to your needs
  • Aerial photography services

UXMachines Pty Ltd and it’s research team integrates solutions into existing IT infrastructure, and understands the need to access services while on the move. We provide customized mobile app software for your mobile team to access services on-the-spot. For selected projects we are happy to assist you in creating spectacular aerial imagery for your film and video project in 2D, 3D or 360.

R&D in mission simulations, aerial robotics, fully autonomous drones, and human-machine-teaming

We also build customized drone hardware and software suitable for your particular needs. Our research team works on human-machine teaming solutions for aerial drones, flight automation software, simulations, and intelligent aerial robotics solutions.

  • Customized IT and sensor data processing services
  • Flight automation software
  • Autonomous AI empowered drones
  • Mission simulations and aerial robotics
  • Customized drone hardware and software
  • Human-machine-teaming solutions

Please contact us if you should require other R&D services fitting to your needs.

Our Fleet

Our current fleet consists of a self-built octocopter “UXM Kiwi 001” (25kg weight category) capable of carrying a payload of over 8kg and configurable with any desired sensor type as video cameras, infrared sensors, and LIDARs. Our backup octocopter continues the mission in the unlikely case UXM Kiwi 001 fails. We plan to extend our fleet by two new drones in the near future to conduct more missions.

Highest safety standards and quality in operation

Our vision is to provide drone services complying to highest safety standards and even go beyond CASA’s safety regulations in our drone operations to ensure a safe operation. We have extremely thorough safety checks and processes in place for each single drone missions. We see ourselves as strong advocator of drone safety and CASA’s “Know Your Drone” safety promotion.